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    KeithJ A&H
    Moderator is now live!

    For those of you wanting to enhance your SQ with character units and special processing direct from dLive, the first upgrades available are classic DEEP compressors and GEQ models.


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    is there any chance of multiple purchase discounts? purchasing separately for all my sq’s would get very expensive!


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    yes the comps is a bundle as well the eqs. just “released” the comp bundle : big fun!
    (i am used to em on the dlive) and here comes the GRAND WISH:


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    Hi Keith,

    very nice work! But – is there way to pay with paypal?

    kind regards

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    KeithJ A&H

    @joefi – I’m afraid not.

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    Thank you for the update!
    I want a true limiter for vocals, which one would do the best job?
    for the main mix, I want a Maximizer like I use in Pro tools Ozone maximize

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    Very Nice!

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    Let’s say I would purchase all plug-ins. That would cost me quite a sum of money, although I would have to pay for other brands too.
    but those I can use on multiple platforms.
    now my questions:
    What happens if the Sq series is discontinued? Or if I want to get myself a dlive or other new desk.
    in my opinion this plug-ins are too expensive, because they loose their value far too easy. Can’t transfer them to new desks/platforms and over time the new plug-ins and desks will make the purchase of Sq plug-ins obsolete.

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    I’m going to agree here as well that I think they’re priced a bit too high.

    You can get an entire Waves bundle of a ton of plugins, for less than the cost of the GEQ or Compressor package on SQ.

    A $49/each price point seems much more reasonable and in touch with the current market of plugin values when you see the biggest plugins in the world (C6, CLA-2A, CLA-76, etc.) selling for $29.

    I understand you’re paying for convenience, but you also have to understand what you gain in convenience, you loose in transferability, cross platform, multi-console use, studio and stage, etc.

    I’m was quite excited to implement these instead of relying on my SoundGrid network but financially this move doesn’t make sense.

    $199 for the compressor package
    $69 for the GEQ bundle

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    very well put, i’d agree with your prize proposals!
    i’d say that if the console + all further plugins cost around 3000€ then it has to have at least the funtionality of a m32/x32 to make sense financially.

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    If I upgrade from an SQ-5 to an SQ-6, do the DEEP plugins stay with the SQ-5, or are they mine and I can put them on the SQ-6 instead?

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    Why are there even different versions per SQ model?

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    I thoguht buying a licence for the plugins is always tied in to the physical hardware? As in, a licence unlocks one serial number which can be used for unlocking said DSP functionality in a specific SQ instance. Therefore it would be logical to assume that as the plugins cannot be deauthorized after authorizing once, they are forever tied to specific mixer, and this is why one must specify which SQ model they are buying the licence for?

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    KeithJ A&H

    @monki – spot on!
    Once upgraded, the plugins will always be available for that SQ, even if you perform hard resets or update firmware.
    So the upgrades are tied to a specific unit, and by upgrading you also increase the value of your unit.


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    Will there be a demo mode?
    Would be good to test the plugins for a short period before buying?
    14 days would be great!

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