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    Just wondering which compressors you favor on which channels, and which ones on a submix?

    I find myself using the 16T a bunch. I tried the mighty compressor on several channels and busses and just have not bonded with it for live use. looking for suggestions…

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    I’ve been trying some different ones but would like to hear which compressors folks are using for different things so any suggestions would be great!

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    PL76 (1176 Clone) is my go to for nearly everything. For me, it’s the most versatile of the ones we have on the SQ.
    Opto on vocals if it’s better suited.
    16T works great on rock guitars if they’re not too bright.
    The stock compressor is really good when I just need a little compression that’s not too coloured as well.
    If I need a HUGE kick drum that’s weak at the source, then I grab the Mighty.
    Occasionally I’ll use the 16VU on Electric Bass if the PL76 isn’t quite working.

    I haven’t used them on groups as I don’t use groups at all and prefer DCAs instead. Groups were needed back in the day when processing was limited (no one could afford 48 x 1176 compressors to put on inserts), but apart from specific effects, or to get things into a matrices, I personally find them of no use now we have DCAs.

    If it doesn’t need any compression then I won’t use one of course!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Just as something to try – I often hear of Mighty being used with the Parallel Path option 🙂

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