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    J. Stew

    Reps at Allen and Heath,
    Thanks for making great consoles for a good price point. Just got done working on my first sessions with an SQ-5. Running all 48 inputs, and loving the console thus far.

    My recommendation is quite simple — The SQ series NEED a De-Esser. I’ll be honest, I was already a little bummed out to see just the overall lack of EQ effect rack options, and plug-ins, or “add-on’s” all together. HOWEVER, I find myself not being able to complain about this seeing that the price point is quite good considering what all you get under the hood of the SQ consoles. BUT, even at this price point, there are consoles that are less expensive than even the SQ-5’s that have de-esser’s. I don’t think this is asking much! Having them would be an absolute game changer.

    Then, if you’re feeling generous, maybe just expand that de-esser into a multiband-dynamic EQ insertable on every channel teehee.
    I know…
    I know we wont be seeing that on your entry level consoles, but hey, a guy can dream here!

    Seriously, great work A&H, great work!

    Just add a de-esser along with the next firmware upgrade ;-P

    – Josh

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    De-esser, and multiband are coming in the next firmware update, although they will only be available by purchasing them from

    No clue when, or how much, but they are in fact coming.

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    Ideally for me I’d like to see the option to switch the gate to a de-esser on every channel like on a Soundcraft Vi-console. I’ve never encountered a situation where I need both a gate and a de-esser on the same channel.

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    Valentyn L


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    I regularly use a Qu16 which isn’t mine, and I’m trying to get an SQ for myself. And I subscribe to the wish: De-Esser, please! And/or a Dynamiq EQ of some sort. Actually the latter could be enough, since it can be used as a De-Esser.

    I’d even pay for this as an extra plugin, I guess.

    I hope some update will bring this as mentioned above.

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