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    i’ve been doing monitors on a Midas Pro 6 (i know everybody makes mistakes 😉 ), and recently upgraded to a C3500.
    works absolutely great, but i’m missing a function the Pro 6 has and the c3500 doesn’t, at least not as far as i was able to figure out.

    i’d like to be able to use the DCA’s on the Mixbus Sends (midas calls this MCA). it basicly give each mixbus it’s own DCA, while it takes it’s members out of the “MAIN” DCA’s. this makes it very easy to change a monitor mix.
    so when for example the guitarist asks if the whole drumkit can be louder, you could do that by just sliding his “MCA” up, without messing up it’s relative mix. same goes for choir’s, Brass section’s etc.

    i’ve been using that on my previous desk A LOT!! so i’m really missing this.

    it would be great if this would be possible.

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    Rohan Wright

    I love this idea, would be a great help for monitors mixes that are sharing input channels with FOH.

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    Yes, I love that function as well. However, you can send groups to auxes, that helps a little…

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    Paavo Kurkela

    Plus one for this request.

    I’ve been thinking approach where DCA has aux busses as members. So every aux bus you add as a memeber to DCA group is affected at once.


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    for the people interested in this,

    I just heard from my local distributor that this MCA feature will be part of the 1.8 software update that is coming up soon.

    I would call that good news.

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