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    I’ve been digging around but not come across this, if it has been brought up and I missed it, my apologizes.

    Is it possible to assign the DCA to affect an AUX mix in place of the L/R mix? If not can I make that ability a feature request.

    We have 10 Aux on our board 9 of which are being used as monitor mixes and the 10th as a broadcast mix. The person mixing the broadcast is sitting at the physical SQ5 board and the person mixing L/R roaming the room. I would love to have the broadcast mixer be able to utilize DCAs while mixing.


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    The sends to the main LR are controlled by the main/master/primary fader per input or group channel.
    This fader is the fader referenced in ‘pre/post fader’ sends (and also controls group levels which can be assigned but do not have separate level control).
    DCA’s only control only this main fader.

    Personally I find the concept makes more sense when you consider ‘sends on fader’ on a digital desk take the place of the aux pots you find on an analogue desk.
    DCA’s take the place of VCA’s, which controlled the fader and generally there was only one fader per channel.

    For monitor applications on our larger consoles we have something related, but not the same, in the form of MCA’s, which offer relative control.
    We have no plans to change the sends/DCA workflow on the SQ, so yes, this will be considered as a suggestion post.

    The only ways I can think of to work around this at the moment would be
    – Switch the outputs around, so the stream is being fed by the LR mix – though of course this moves the lack of DCA’s to the person using remote control and the stream mix may be respecting the LR mix in some way rather than having them completely separate.
    – Make use of groups – sounds like you only have 2 mixes remaining
    – Use MIDI – with a computer hooked up and something like Bome MIDI Translator, you could use a single MIDI channel strip to control multiple send levels to a specific send, the only issue being that the value would need to be absolute (which could work post fade?) or there would be quite a bit of faffing to get and calculate value variables…
    – Use a dedicated mixer for the streaming mix – having two engineers work on the same SQ at one time is (kind of) possible, though you will run into limitations, be it shared processing options, channel count, a single PAFL or controls as you’ve come across here.


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