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    1) When I mute a DCA it hard-mutes the channels, meaning it also disappears in the band’s ears. On most desks (including a basic desk like the X32) DCAs “soft-mute” channels, meaning they only mute what’s going out to the house. The channel still goes to aux sends (for things like ears) and also didn’t mute when going to the P16m’s (the Behringer equivalent of the ME-500). Can this be brought to the Avantis line as well?

    2) On the Avid line of desks (think like a D-Show or an SC-48) when I muted a DCA, I could still unmute an individual channel within that DCA and it would bypass the DCA mute. The DCA fader level still impacted the channel level, but I was able to send audio through that channel out to the house. Would this type of feature be able to be brought over to the Avantis? This feature was incredibly useful, and I (along with most other audio techs who were working on the D-Show line who I worked with) made use of this feature quite often.


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    To the first part:

    If you use the fader of your dca instead of the mute button, you won’t effect your aux mixes.

    Mute is not an On Off button, its a safetyguard and triggers at the start of the Inputline, before all sends and other processing and routing. If you going to unplug or change something, mute will help to secure not mess is going anyway thru your mixer. So this is a completly different function, than you are looking for.

    Second part: I cant speak for other vendors and producers, but my experience with sticking to standart behaviers of functions, like A&H does normaly is a pro, not a con, cause you will not fall to problems caused by overcustimization, like a lot of technicians do on – for example digico – other consoles. Its a tool, and if it behaves completely different as expected, this might give you a lot of troubles.

    Work with mutegroups, and seperate mutegroups for your voice or break chan. This will do nice, and every other technition will be able to work with it.

    Kind regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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