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    Dick Rees

    “Siri…turn up channel two.”

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    Mike C

    Just routed all in group 1/2 and sended this to LR and Mix3. That Group I can be selected with a green button.

    Not sure what that gained you as far as control over what you had already done in the custom layer by assigning DCA1 to green button 16, you still need to hit a green button
    to enable the hardware control knob for that button selection.

    I thought you always wanted to be able to grab a knob to control the mains
    and subs regardless of what mode the mixer was in.

    Also in the routing you described using the group I can’t see how that is giving true “aux mix/send subs” as in separate channel by channel sub level mix/send control.

    Going back to using the ALT OUT knob to give you that quick one knob grab solution here’s something I’ve done on small analog mixers were routing resources were slim yet
    the need for an “aux fed sub” or something close to it was needed.
    You may want to stop reading here if you really need a stereo mix to the mains………

    Use the left right pan control, lets say fully left is sending only to the mains and fully right sends only to the subs. Any input channels that do not need subs get fully panned to the left, any channels that need full sub support get panned straight to the center, channels that only need a little extra sub are set somewhere between fully left
    and straight center.

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    I think the problem with DCA, the s that when you press the green button, the DCA level is not controlled by the knob until you also press the level on the screen. This is different to the way channels and mixes behave.

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    Button 16 is the Group now and represent the master.
    Button 15 is LR and only for “the actual speakers” in case I can drive stereo on a gig. (not always possible)
    Button 14 is a Mono Mix Channel for Subwoofers with special EQ (In case I drive 2 small Tops for stereo)
    Button 13 is a Mono Channel for things like Bose L1 (wich needs only 1 Channel and has its own Sub)

    So I can mix every single Mix Out seperately but also in case of panic or quick adjustments turn the overall volume up or down.
    That is very important and if you have selected any other channel you have to reach the master volume foolprof without touching the screen.

    Of course, dedicated hardware woud be even better, but I have to save the amount of stuff around me.

    At first I thought DCA was a simple thing to “glue” Mix and LR together, but then i realized that buttons not select the fader of a DCA group like all channel types do. I could not believe it and asked here.

    Sorry for confusing!

    And really, I still not understand neither the behavior of the DCA screen (ths routing screen should imho appear another way) nor what I have done exactly with the groups now. But it works and NEVER RUN A CHANGING SYSTEM 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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