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    I am mixing a musical on a GLD180 and have some DCAs set up. One of them is a ‘Band’ DCA but somehow the cast vocal mics have tracked into this group. They are not showing as being in that DCA – there is no ‘on’ button next to them when I press the mix button on the DCA, and it is not showing them as on in the screen display. My other DCAs for the sections of the band are working fine. I have a DCA for all vocals which is also fine. It just means that I now can’t control the level of my band without also doing so for the cast…
    I’m afraid I have very little experience of this desk and mixing so apologies for the lack of useful information!

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    Are the vocals going into a subgroup that might be controlled by the DCA?

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    I would select said DCA and look at the Processing screen to see if any other channels/groups are selected. Can’t really think what else it would be if it’s not a subgroup. You could also go to the Routing tab for one of the “cast” channels to see where that channel is being routed; if you’re not sure it’s part of a group.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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