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    Hey folks!

    So, there’s this bit of language in the manual that says:

    DCAs – Displays name, colour, members (assigned channels) and whether the ‘Fader to Zero dB’ option is enabled. Use the Routing screen or the Surface Assign keys to assign channels.

    I assume this means a combination of buttons jumps that DCA fader to the 0 position, but I can’t find any other reference. Does anyone know what this is about? (Also, fader to 0 is a GREAT option for input channels when you use 0 as a target default cal point!)

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    Maybe Reset+Sel for DCA does that? Will have to try. On the other hand it might just reset name and color, since there are not other parameters.


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    Reset + Fader (move up or down) works for channel faders to -∞, 0 and +10. Did not tried yet bot possibly will work for DCA’s i thougth.

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    didn’t know that with the fader
    that’s cool

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    DCA to 0 disables the DCA level control, the DCA is always at 0
    that gives you the old Mute Group from iLive or with DCA spill it enables Spill groups

    I put always two DCA Mix Buttons to the User Keys
    that gives the posibility to select the members of these DCA
    to have it available at the surface
    and the user key enables all banks


    Thanks for the tips fellas!

    Shame about the +10 increment though, I can see a lot of situations in which that would be an accidental, “find a new job,” button. I’d be interested to see if there’s a way to limit fader jumps to either -inf or 0 only.


    Just played with this. …how are you getting +10? my c2500 only does -inf or 0 currently. Is it a setting somewhere?

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    same here…
    Director does same 0dB and -inf

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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