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    Bo James

    Can anyone tell me if I’m able to interface with a DAW through the USB and Dante connection at the same time? Thanks in advance!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Bo,

    The USB and Dante connection do run at the same time, though your issue would be amalgamating these two in your DAW.
    In every DAW I’m aware of, you can only select one audio interface, so you’d need to combine the two streams in software beforehand somehow.
    There would be added complications due to latency differences (Dante is lower latency).

    So I would say it’s not recommended, even though it’s theoretically possible.


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    if latency is not the problem (concert recording) ASIO4Free can combine different soundcards and interfaces,
    but it adds much latency (200ms)

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    Mike Storm

    Aggregate CoreAudio device on a Mac? Not sure how the clocking would work though.

    If you meant Dante audio + DAW control over USB, that should be fine (use USB for MIDI only). I think you can also use the ‘DAW Control’ driver over the Cat5, IF you bridge Dante to the SQ network (there should be a mixer setting for this?). That would save you a second cable for DAW control.

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    If you set up “Pro Tools Aggregate I/O” it should use both. But both devices latency will be added together. If you’re using Pro Tools, that is.

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    For what its worth…
    Reaper will handle 2 mixing desks [mac] as I use 2 QU but that is both through USB.
    However one out put. I haven’t tried multi ouptuts

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