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    So i have seen some DAWs are more dififcult than others to run with a qu24, but i think mine is just not possible, since there is no option to assign tracks to audio outputs (Mixcraft 7 and 8).
    Just to ask if somebody has used this DAW with QU24 to mix out of the box.
    (i asked to in mixcraft forums)

    Anyways, at the moment i will continue using the mixer as i was with my zed before (but with better quality, meanwhile i look for another DAW), i have been able to listen de DAW in ST1 track, connected my synths to all channels, make them sound, and adding FX.
    Now i have an external synth playing in one channel on the QU24 and DAW playing in ST1. How i send the synth channel to DAW to record an audio track with it?
    It’s a routing thing i supose, any tutorial?

    I have seen this, but i’m not understanding the last part.

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    Solved, multiple outputs from the DAW to the mixer

    Now, if the mixer is set to receive multiple USB outputs from the DAW, how i record a synth that is connected to, for example, channel 18 (connected by line/jack to the mixer), or how i listen it, i must change the configuration of the table everytime i want to do? ( processing -> FN -> ch18 -> local ) ??
    Or there is a layer, for example, MIX 1, where i can hear all connected synths to the mixer?

    How i link the mix configuration in the mixer to a project / song ? (haven’t find the way to desk automation yet)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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