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    Hello – SQ user but not owner here so I can’t check this out for myself and I woudl greatly appreciate any feedback from those of you with more SQ knowledge. When using the SQ as a DAW controller – Do the names of the channels appear in the LCD scribble strips on each channel of the SQ? I know that the Mackie HUI and MCU specifications define this, but from what I recall, track names were not displayed on the SQ when I saw it demoed as a DAW contorller. Is this really the case?

    Thank you for your thoughts in advance.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @vanceg

    Yep! The SQ scribble strips do indeed pick up and display names through the MCU and HUI protocol when used with the A&H MIDI Control app (https://www.allen-heath.com/midi-control/).
    With MCU, there are also two options for translation, with the only difference being whether the SQ shows the first or second row of text as the MCU has two rows and some DAW’s display names on the top and others on the bottom…


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    Thank you very much for the informative reply. I’m happy to hear that this is the case!

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    I’ve got the SQ-5 set up with Ableton as a DAW right now. Getting the MIDI control app set up with the DAW was a breeze. Everyting seems to be working well in that I have bidirectional control of Ableton and the SQ: Levels, mutes, channel selecton. All good. Unfortunately, the SQ and Ableton don’t seem to be sharing channel names. On the SQ the channel names of my MIDI faders remain “MIDI1” “Midi2″… even though tracks in Ableton are named (Kick, Snare..etc).
    In Ableton I’ve got Mackie Control set up as my control service. My MIDI input and output ports are assigned as being “DAW Control MIDI” so that signal is routed to/from the A&H MIDI Control app.
    In the MIDI Control app I’ve got Mackie Control set as my Potocol. I have also attempted with Mackie Control (alt display) option. My input and output port are SQ MIDI out and MIDI in respectively. I’m using MIDI ports (via USB) rather than TCP/IP. My MIDI channels in Midi Control and the SQ console match.
    I’ve got Bidirectional control of the faders/buttons as mentioned above.
    Everything seems to be working correctly except the SQ is not displaying the track/channel names from Ableton.

    Am I missing some key step here? I know that Ableton DOES share channel names via the HUI/MackieController protocol.

    Any tips appreciated!

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    Just moments after “giving up” and coming here for some assistance, I manage to answer my own question so I thought I would leave the solution here in case someone else runs into the same issue.

    Update the console to the latest firmware. I had made sure I had the latest MIDI Control software and I noted the version I had was compatable with the version on my console (1.4) and that was working…but after I updated firmware on the SQ-5 to 1.5.4, restarted and reconnected MIDI, I was able to see the Ableton track names on the SW5 scribble strips as expected.

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    I have recently purchased an sq6 and for the life of me can not get the scribble strips to copy cubase. I have installed the latest firmware, re installed the midi driver. Do you have any ideas that could help?


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