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    I would like to see a firmware update that provides better support for their DAW Control mode. I use the Qu-24 with Logic Pro X, and it is a great interface and mixer, but only a mediocre DAW controller. Currently the only actual DAW control parameters are volume, track select, mute, solo, bank up and down, and a few transport controls. Channel strip encoders and soft keys can be manually programmed in Controller Assignment, but it’s not easy, and only certain MIDI information is sent back to the mixer. The pan knob doesn’t scale properly, the rest of the channel strip doesn’t receive parameter info, and the only way to customize the soft keys is if they are in Mute Group Mode (and even then, they don’t receive any information back from your DAW). I would like to see the following updates to the DAW Control mode:

    Level metering – DAW Control surfaces like the Behringer X-Touch (which runs in Mackie Control format) can receive level metering from each track. I would like the LEDs of each track to receive metering information from the DAW.

    Custom Soft Key assignment – Currently, soft keys are only limited to bank up and down, and certain transport controls (play, stop, record, etc.). I would like to see a basic MIDI mode that allows for custom programming for soft keys so that you don’t have to use the Mute Group function, and the soft key LEDs actually receive information from the DAW.

    DAW Mode for the channel strip – Currently the channel strip can send MIDI information, but only the pan pot receives information from the DAW, and it’s not even scaled properly (although there is a workaround in Logic). Control surfaces like the X-Touch or DAW Mode in the Presonus SutiodLive allow for automatic and custom mapping of the the rotary encoders. This function would be especially helpful if the Qu consoles also included…

    DAW Parameter information screen for the LCD screen – The ICON Platform, Behringer X-Touch, Presonus Faderport and StudioLive all receive information such as track name and color, and parameter values to their LCD screens (some of them per track, and pretty much all of these run in Mackie Control Mode). I would like the Qu consoles to have a window for DAW information where it will show the name of the selected track, level metering, and basic parameter data connected to the encoders.

    I realize this would be a lot to add, but I think all of these changes would bring the board up to a top competitor for studio consoles as an interface, mixer, and DAW control surface. It’s a very affordable option, and with these functions, it would also make it incredibly versatile.

    Also, unrelated to DAW control, including vintage/analog EQ (SSL, Neve, Pultec, etc.) and compressor (1176, LA-2A, etc.) emulation and being able to select which type you would like to use per channel strip would be a nice addition to the Qu boards. Even if it was an additional purchase for these, I think it would be worth it.

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    All these would be nice, but I think QU are dead a long time ago. Even the last updates was almost nothing comparing to all these that could be done. It would be nice to fix and add all these even if they sell them as a major update pack or something…

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