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    Hi QU-experts,

    just performed the FW upgrade to 1.73 and checked if multitrack-recording at a Transcend JetFlash 710 64GB is working.

    The good news:
    * Firmware upgrade worked without any issues
    * Multitrack recording to the USB_stick also works nicely

    One thing I recognized is, that the recorded tracks have a date of Jan 1st, 1970.

    I could not find anything on setting up the date and time in the user manual and I can not search right now in the menus as the desk is in the rehearsal room …

    Is there a menu entry to set the time an date?

    Thanks for your help 🙂

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    There is no clock on the QU.

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    Thanks Bob,

    I would have thought that equiment with a uP inside has a clock integrated … – but it’s not a big deal to have files with wrong creation dates …

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    To be precise, there is no RTC in the Qu.


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    The gld has a clock inside…..

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    There is no clock at all when it comes to filenames. It’s not even as if the later tracks have time stamps later on the 1st Jan…

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    January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 UTC is the Unix epoch. It’s an arbitrary zero point from which all other dates and times are measured on Unix systems.
    Is the Qu operating system unix?


    There are a few funny little easter eggs in the graphics of the Qu effects, so perhaps January 1, 1970 is a significant date for Allen & Heath?

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    The filename is left as zero, your OS interprets that as it desires…

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    Some sidefacts regarding time representation in file systems…
    1.1.1970 is displayed, since you’re looking from a Mac, which is *nix based and starts counting time from that date (as already stated).
    Looking on Qu-created directories and files from Windows DIR command, you’d see 1.1.1601 00:00 GMT, which Microsoft decides to be a good bias for time representation (beginning of the Gregorian leap year cycle Year 1601).
    If you’d use an older microsoft OS, you’ll likely would see 1.1.1980, which is the date bias within the FAT filesystem.

    In fact the Qu simply stores zero in the date/time fields so every OS seems to fallback to their personal bias.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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