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    Hey guys.I have a dante card installed on my gld80 running into mac pro with snow leopard.How do I play back thru to my console?
    I can multi track record but can not pfl on protools?can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Listening to signals in the computer will depend on what software you’re using and how you have it set up.

    To play back into the GLD you need to patch the channels in your mac to dante, then patch those dante feeds to the channels in your GLD.


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    Not being able to PFL in protools is a protools problem. How does protools normally do it? In Reaper it would be called “record monitoring”.

    To play back to your GLD you need to patch the channels from protools to dante, do this within protools. I don’t use protools but in Reaper you’d click on the I/O tab for the track, then choose a dante channel from the “Audio Hardware Outputs” drop down menu.

    Then you need to set the I/O card in signals from Dante to go to your channels in the GLD, do this in the GLD I/O screen.


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    I have not seen this setup yet so can’t offer any help but in my previous studio work I owned a couple of large Pro Tools rigs. In the TDM/HD world there is an I/O setup screen when you have hardware interfaced. In my case I had one PT HD3 rig with 32in/out using Digi 192 interfaces on a MacPro. I would assume that with a Dante setup there is some sort of I/O setup page to route. I hope to get into that one of these days especially when I get my QU that is on backorder.

    So anything learned here will be a help….

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    Hello DJ, do the next:

    In Protools, each track has to have the same output as the input in the system (ex: Kick 1/1, Snare top 2/2….) etc, then, what so far works best for me is to create a scene called “Virtual” and assign every channel input to the I/O Port In with the same input number as the output in Protools (and the same Input Socket of the system) , also in the Scene, Block every parameter change except the Patchbay (into Recall filter).

    After the recording, just recall “Virtual” and play Protools…and that should work.

    Hope this works for you.

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