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    Yamaha is releasing new speakers with DANTE connections

    Is it possible to use this with my QU-PAC ?

    I don’t think the DSNAKE port can be used
    Using a PC with USB port with an external software may add latency and not suitable for main LR in live situation …

    Maybe using the AES OUT port of the QU and this

    Not sure if it adds latency

    Will it work?

    Not sure if it really worth the efforts and price (dante version of the speakers, adapters, network cables…)

    500€ more to get a noticeable better sound? 🙂



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    Dante does not mean better sound.

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    I mean, avoiding DAC from QU then ADC from the speaker conversion to hope to get better sound with the smallest possible latency

    If not, why would you use Dante in a speaker ?

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    I would not…
    at least not in small concert sound systems
    it makes sense to connect a distributed system with one standard (Dante, AVB what ever) to get control and ease of use…

    at the moment it makes more sense to have Amps with Dante

    but I guess JBL will replace it’s CobraNet with Dante or AVB, Meyer will promote his AVB solution and some more will follow the trend
    btw. a Dante chipset costs too much for cheap systems

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    Those are some serious speakers – 137dB from the 10″ version? I’d love to hear them – dare I ask the price?

    One of the useful looking things I see about the Dante part, is being able to use them as a 2 in – 2 out stage box, which of course, wouldn’t work without a fully Dante compatible desk.

    Having “non standard” components in a system as a workaround always seems to lead to lack of flexibility in upgrading, or when combining with other peoples gear, sooner or later.

    I think I’d be hanging on until the Dante card for the SQ becomes available, if I were going for these speakers. You could still use them with the old fashioned analogue input until then.

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    Yes. I have the Yamaha DSR 112. They are serious speaker and very powerful. Unfortunately, not very pleasant sound when the volume is high. The trebles kills the ears, and lack of bass. I was not able to really EQ them so the singer does not heart my ear 🙂
    The new DZR series seems to have better transducers and go lower in bass
    1150 eur for the DZR10 seems to be the price, but I will go for the DZR12, as 21 Kgs is still possible for me 🙂
    The Dante model is 100€ more. That’s why I am asking myself this question

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    Regarding the DSR112’s my findings are quite the opposite….. The DSR112 has a fantastic reputation for being able to retain all of its sound quality when pushed hard. I own or have owned QSC K series, JBL PRX, JBL SRX, Yamaha DXR, EV ELX and DSR112 speakers and with the possible exception of the SRX series, the DSR’s are able to be pushed harder than any of the others without losing tonal quality. This subject comes up a lot on the PSW forum. Of course – YMMV
    The DZR series looks interesting….

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    Yes for drums the DSR is very good, but I don’t why, the vocals are not pleasant at high level
    Will buy the DZR if I can sell the DSR 🙂

    Do you know the EV ETX12?
    Do you know the KV2 AUDIO EX12 ? (another level)

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    Mike C

    I’m sure the DZR is nice speaker but I think the marketing department
    has hyped the specs a little, not a lot of specific qualifications on how the
    numbers were measured.

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    Yes specs are only marketing today. They also says that the max db spl is obtained when protections are removed (not possible in normal operation), maybe few seconds more and the speaker is dead 🙂
    freq range is -10db and not -3db
    So finally we don’t know that much the truth…
    And the most important… how it will sound.
    I had a HK speaker. Good specs, but so unpleasant to ear
    Yamaha DSR is not so so pleasant in treble . a bit horny harshy sound for voice singer
    I have some RCF speakers that are really pleasant to ear

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