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    Our setup:
    T112 surface
    iDR-48 Master rack in tech booth with M-Ace card in port B(socket 1 to iDR-32 slave rack, socket 2 to ME-U switch)
    iDR-32 Slave rack(back stage in Dual Rack config) with M-Dante card in port B.

    Ok, so we are in the beginning stages of adding Dante to our iLive system setup.
    We are intending it for multitrack recording on a PC with DVS and DAW software(that is yet to be determined), and for virtual soundcheck/training.
    I’ve been working with recording and learning about signal routing in/thru the iLive system. I am figuring out that our largest obstacle is the ‘dual rack’ configuration that requires ACE from the master rack to the slave rack for it to work right.

    The playback brings me to the next question.
    With normal worship settings we have to route all of the ME-U signals thru the master rack as that is where the ME-U is connected.
    This makes for potentially complicated signal routing when it comes to playback routing as the ACE channels are limited(reduced) from the slave rack to the master rack.

    I know with Dante unicast routing you can transmit from 1 source to 2 receivers.
    My question is, can you config the receiving channel to receive from 2 sources(even though only 1 will be active at one time.)
    For example– the ME-U RX Dante channel 1 get signal from iDR-32 TX Dante channel 1, and get signal from playback pc TX Dante channel 1.
    This way I can send the playback signal direct to the ME-U and not have to route it thru the ACE mess.

    The issue driving this question is that we are considering adding more slave rack channels to route to the ME-U, and the ACE mapping from the slave rack to master rack is already full(for normal config and playback config), so there would be no ACE channels open for playback routing of master rack channels.

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    I’ve setup a simila setup with an idr64 and an idr16 for our church. We actually used dante for the ME-U as it was simpler then what you described. We added an ace card to work with dual rack setup. All the channels that have to go to the dante need to be routed thru ace first to the slave rack, and then to dante. I could not find a simple setup with the ilive, and changes is not straight forward. D live solves the issues but was not available when we purchased the ilive. With our setup, dante in ME-U, we have all the ace channels open for routing back to master rack.The dante receiver can only receive one signal at the time. It works very stable. We are also recording every sermon using dante and tracks from waves and sometimes the worship band for virtual playback and training.

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    Thanks pfr, so then when you setup a “playback and training” session, I presume you have to recall a different routing preset in the ME-U Dante to receive from your playback source, as opposed to the slave rack? and also a iLive scene with your patchbay changes(this I have setup already)

    That’s what I’m trying to avoid if at all possible, all of our “sound mixers” are volunteer and they are definitely not very computer savy to the point I’m not sure I would want to have them messing with the Dante controller application. Not that they would be involved with a playback training session, but I’m just trying to keep the system as user friendly and simple as possible…….should something happen to me.

    I think in the end we will most likely end up with Dante in the ME-U.
    If I can find a surplus one that someone isn’t using anymore(and at a reasonable price), we might get there sooner, but for just 40 one-way audio channels I have a hard time justifying $1600 for a new Dante card for sound-check/playback at this time.

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