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    why ubiquity?
    because I was convinced by the price/performance ratio.
    the devices are very cleanly processed and I like the system idea of being able to configure and monitor all devices via a single controller program.

    of course you can also work with devices from other manufacturers. didnĀ“t want to question that here.

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    Ok guys I have a follow up question to my original post. Here is an overview of my system that is on the way. C3500 with Dante card, CDM48 with GigaAce card, SQ5 for the studio linked via GigaAce.

    We need to send a copy of all inputs to the SQ5 in the video studio for mix down of broadcast. Am I right in assuming that any Dante inputs such as our Shure ULXD will not be seen on the SQ5 since it is linked via GigaAce? I could certainly run the ULXD over XLR to the CDM48 but hoped to use Dante for that.

    Along the same lines will any local inputs on the C3500 be seen on the SQ5 over GigaAce?

    Thanks for your help!

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    That will work just fine, you have several options:

    1) Use direct outs on the channels mapped to the GigaAce card. The broadcast feed will follow any input mapping changes that happen on the C3500.

    2) Map the desired channels – CDM, Dante, Surface – the the GigaAce card via the tie-line patches. You can have anything you want, from anywhere, routed anywhere. You can also mix this with #1 and use direct outs and some tie lines.

    3) Use “record send” from VSC to send the channel inputs to the broadcast board. This is a little more limited, but can be setup in 30 seconds to test the concept of sending.

    Commonly misunderstood, the dLive has a fully meshed patch matrix, regardless of source/target, that lets you route anything anywhere on tie lines. Inputs and mixes have restrictions on pulling from each other (aux 9 -> input 10 isn’t allowed _yet_?) but tie lines are free-for-all. You do need to be aware of some items like ME – if you pull from a channel/mix, you get the name – if you pull direct from an HA/card, no name.


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    Jay thank you so much for the info!

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    @K08 don’t forget to save your configuration in a scene

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