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    hello community, i would like to buy a card. I hesitate between the Dante card and the waves. my needs are for multitrack recording and used live plugins (multirack). what are the differences of these 2 cards?

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    That might depend on what you are running your plugins in? And what hardware you plan to use. Dante Virtual Soundcard latency is pretty high. A hardware PCIe or rednet style interface would be much lower latency. Waves is great if you are running a waves server. But Dante is more useful overall because many hardware devices have it built in.

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    thank you, I would like to use it in 2 ways, firstly with multirack of waves with a macbook. and second either recorded with logic pro or send the inputs to another console for the streaming mix.
    can they be used in the same way? except for latency?

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    Both I/O cards will allow you to multitrack record
    Both I/O cards will allow you to pass audio to a computer and use a DAW to utilize plugins.
    Both I/O cards will allow you to pass 64×64 audio channels to other devices that have the same cards/architecture installed.

    The Waves card is required if you want to use the Waves Soundgrid Server. However this is not the only way to use plugins, including Waves. The Soundgrid Server does provide for a very low latency solution, but is not the only solution for very low latency. For example, you can purchase a Dante PCI slot card that will provide very low latency connections.

    The Dante card can pass audio using an existing network system that includes other non-Dante devices
    The Waves card must use a stand alone network that cannot be connected to non-Waves devices

    Waves cards are typically cheaper than Dante cards
    Dante is more expensive but also more universally accepted with many more devices that use the Dante protocol vs the Waves protocol.

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    If you want to use Dante and Waves, put a Dante card in your mixer, and then purchase a Dante to Waves bridge from Waves. It works great.

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