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    Hey folks!

    On *rare* occasion, with multiple systems/venues now, I’ve booted up a DM48 equipped with M-Dante card and dLive does *not* pass sound through the card. The system appears to see that it’s there, all my routing and tie lines appear to be correct/haven’t been changed, Dante Controller *shows* that connections between the DM48 and other Dante devices are handshaking no problem, but I’m not passing *any* sound on the output side. Dante Primary and secondary both appear online and stable.

    To make things more interesting: I have a computer running Dante Via patched *IN* to the DM48 over Dante, (Spotify/iTunes, etc); and those Dante *inputs* to the dm48 seem to be just fine, while output from the DM48 is not. The DM48 Mixrack hasn’t been moved, bumped, jostled, or otherwise harassed, and is fully powered down by way of sequencer between each use. Rebooting the M-Dante card does *not* resolve the issue when it happens. The only thing that seems to fix it is to fully power down, and reboot the DM48. Again, it’s pretty rare that this set of circumstances happens on boot, but its very inconvenient when it does.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? All signs seem to point to this being a software bug in the DM48. I’ll submit a support ticket as well, but curious to know experiences from other users.

    …oh, and this has been consistent across multiple firmware revisions. Currently on 1.72, but did see this behavior occur all the way back to 1.68.

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    I have run into this on a church’s DM48. We had to power cycle the mixrack to restart signal flow to the Dante network. Like you experienced, Dante controller did not show any sync issues.

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    I’ve experienced this same problem happen 1 time in the last year with our iLive system, complete system reboot got it working again……


    Good to know I’m not the only one! I’ve submitted a bug report to AH.

    I need a bit more data to forward to Jack though: **If anyone here experiences this bug again,** can you please document what’s you see in TX flow Meters in Dante Controller *while* it’s happening? It’s so rare that this issue occurs, I worry it will be some time before I can get that documented. Thanks in advance!

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    I’d like to report I also had this issue and another person I know experienced this as well.

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    The card was inside c2500 in my case.

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    It helps me change in device dante window in controller latency for example from 1ms to 2ms

    When it happens again i change it back from 2ms to 1ms latency.

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