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    Hey All,

    I am hoping you can help. I am having some intermittent issues with our Dante setup and I am hoping that you guys can help out. The setup:

    GLD 112 w M-Dante
    iMac with Audinate Virtual Sound card & controller.
    Reaper DAW

    The Mac and the M-Dante card are wired directly with No switches / routers.
    GLD 112 is configured to be a clock slave to the M-Dante card.
    (Sitting here I dont remember the clock setups in the Dante Controller Software)

    Use Case:
    We use this setup primarily for multi tracking the band during rehearsal / service (15 -30 channels) and then play back for virtual sound check, training, critiquing. Eventually we would like to get to post production audio / album generation, but aren’t quite there yet.

    This setup works beautifully 70% of the time. The other times I end up with what I will call lots of audio fuzz. Every channel sounds ‘fuzzy’ (its a harsh fuzz) where it almost sounds like lots of samples are wrong or missing. This can sometimes be fixed with a reboot of the console if the issue is with playback. However I have had times where the ‘fuzzing’ has been recorded to the tracks themselves.

    My first thought was that this was a clock problem, especially since I can in some cases clear it with a console reboot / mac reboot. However most of my experience with clock problems has shown them to generally be sounds like pops and signal peaks, not fuzz. Is there a specific ordering that I should be using during system initialization to get the clocks to sync? Any help in figuring what we are doing wrong would be appreciated as at this point I don’t think we could reliably use Dante for something like pod cast tracking / album work (which seems contrary to generally held opinion).



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    Hi John

    The best suggestion I’ve seen in your prosoundweb forum thread is to make sure your Dante card is up to date, and make sure your Controller/Soundcard software are also up to date. I think you should establish this, and configure your system as described on page 12 here. If you’re still having problems, I guess it would then be time to contact tech support.

    As per the prosoundweb thread, there are a couple of different perfectly valid options for setting up your clock masters, etc. I only suggest to follow the setup in the user guide, as this would likely be something that tech support might ask you to do anyway.

    There is no specific ordering that you should follow when powering up.

    Hope this helps

    – Jeff, A&H

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    Hey Jeff,

    I was able to get some more data on the issue this weekend. Since there was a bunch more traffic over there than here I responded over there and will just put a reference here to that thread.



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