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    Hello Guys,

    I am Adrian Uritescu and I am am FOH eggineer for the Romanian band Dirty Shirt
    I am using Dlive dm48 and Director for over a year, I don’t have a surface yet.
    Just purchased a dlive dante card 64×64 from Teqsas Germany, to be able to record multitrack and do some virtual soundchecks.
    Beeing a newbie in dante i looked over the internet but i did not find any clear instructions regarding install and setup of dante card (i know how to do it) but wanted to be sure.
    My ideea is to bring at FOH some I/O , but using only director i am only able to control but i don/t have any comunications with the stage or playback etc.
    I was thinking on buying an ESI 22 dante audio card and integrating in the setup along with the DM48 and computer running Director.
    This way i will have only a cat cable from Stage to FOH, somtimes i ask for an analog long loom to send talkback and playback.
    I will also need a switch i think to connect the DM48, computer and Esi 22soundcard.
    Can you guys help me out how do i do the connections ? a diagram should be helpful 🙂

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    Dante is designed to work on a normal network connection with non-Dante traffic being present. Therefore it is possible to set the system up so that you only need a single network connection to your FOH which will include both Dante audio and the regular A&H control network so that Director will work on that same connection.

    Personally I would not set it up like that however. Dante is much more stable when you set it up on its own dedicated network where only Dante traffic is allowed. Given your situation, I think it is a much better idea to set up an entirely new network just for Dante devices and have a second network cable going to FOH – one for the A&H control network and the other for the Dante network.

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    I myself am running my surface-less rig with one CAT cable from stage to FoH, although I have switches on both ends to compliment all the devices that have to be connected. No VLANs used, just to have more ports available. I am using 2 network ports on my FoH computer to differentiate control network and Dante.
    That way I can use Director plus multitrack recording on one NUC FoH computer, plus having the possibility to have phones, talkback and additional I/Os at FoH using Dante.

    This setup is working for more then 6 years without any hiccup. Might be dependent on the required channel count for Dante (bandwidth?) which won’t exceed 48 here…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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