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    Hello all,

    I recently updated my Dante card (in port B of mix rack) to version 3.7.0. I did the two stage update by first updating to 3.6.4 with the whole date thing then updated to 3.7.0. Everything seemed to work okay and was provided successful status by the update software. Unfortunately now I seem to have a card that is not all there. When I run Dante controller (latest version), I can see the iLive card but it will not expand to allow me to do any subscriptions. Also I do see any status for the card such as clock or network. Also when I open the detail/configuration dialog, I cant read any data. It does not show anything like version or status. I can’t access anything on the network configuration either. Maybe I missed a step, any thoughts?

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    Maybe it’s reset back to defaults which is DHCP falling back to APIPA if there’s no DHCP server to be found.
    If this has happened and you had static IP settings previously you’ll be on different networks and you get those kinda symptoms, card visible but you can’t do much with it.

    Try unplugging all connections to the card except a cable directly between the primary port (left Neutrik socket) and your laptop.
    Configure your laptop to DHCP (automatically acquire IP address) and it should be able to connect to the card so you can reset the IP settings, then you can cable back up as usual.

    Let us know how you get on.

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    Nicola A&H

    Further to the suggestions above, are you running the latest version of Dante Controller?
    From experience your symptoms are more likely to be caused by software than hardware e.g. Dante services not running properly. Do you have any other laptop to test it with?

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    Thanks for the timely responses. I went back on location last night and attempted to get this working again. This time I had better results. As it turned out the card did remember it’s IP configuration. I am guessing that I did not try the combination of the left primary connector with the IP address configured in my network adapter. I also disconnected other devices until I was able to establish this connection. For now all is well. This weekend I hope to get an ME-U on the network too.

    Thanks again

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