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    ok so I’ve just confused myself…

    I’ve been using 3x DT168 boxes with SQ5&6 however I was looking to dabble with the DVS to record and also virtual sound checks, however I’ve just read that the SQ Dante card only does 32channels at 96k with the SQ desks… I almost fell over…
    so how do you record your 48channels at 96k on the SQ6 then… I was assuming I’d just use Dante controller and patch the 48channel from the 3 stage boxes directly to the DVS, however im now thinking that the DVS will not sync at 96k…
    I was also hoping that I could route the additional IP of the stage box(s) ie over the 48 that the sq can cope with to DVS for crowd/atmos mics for recording.
    Am I over thinking this….??

    “Dante Virtual Soundcard is software from Audinate that lets you connect up to 32 channels from your SQ at 96kHz, or 64 channels at 48kHz, directly to your PC or Mac via its Ethernet port, ideal for multitrack recording and playback, or working with popular processing plug-ins.”
    ^^^ From the A&H website

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    Correct, this is a limitation for the virtual soundcard. You can send/receive up to 64 channels at 96k on the network, but DVS can’t receive more than 32.

    You can record 64 channels by using 2 computers running DVS, but that makes virtual soundcheck nearly impossible. I chose to hold off on Dante until DVS is upgraded to better handle 96k. If you need more than 32 channels, you will want a waves card.

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    u can use a DANTE PCIe card to record more than 32 channels @96 kHz
    that card allows low latency DANTE conections

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    hmm… ok so excuse the “idiot” question it may not be 100% relevant however if i’m running SQ5/6 with 3 DT168 all at 96K and have 48ch to record.. the means I can’t sync the DVS I have to set it up on 32ch only? or will it just drop down to 48k?

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    You can run Dante on 48 kHz, it is up to you? Afaik the SRC is then done by the Card itself. I am running my SQ6 with the Dante card and 48 kHz. That is enough for me for live recordings.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Phill,

    The Dante option card provides 64×64 channels to and from your Dante network at 96kHz OR at 48kHz.
    So you just need to switch the sample rate of the card through Dante Controller (Device View > Device Config) depending on whether you are running a 96kHz or 48kHz Dante network.

    You can run DT units + SQ Dante option card + DVS at either sample rate, but currently, if you need to record more than 32 channels through DVS, then you would switch the sample rate of all these devices to 48kHz.


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    Thanks Keith, brain hadn’t got that far yet all clear now 👍

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