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    Good afternoon folks! We’re investing in a dLive system and I’m in the process of building a show that includes controlling external DSP parameters by way of the midi strips. (I’ll be using Live Professor 2 as a DSP host, i/o via Dante, using insert B, with a backup scene that kills insert in the event of host fail.)

    Here’s what i’d like to do: have a 12-strip bank of midi strips that contextually control inserts for up to 12 insert chains. I’ll do this by way of keeping the midi strip messages the same, but contextually remapping them within Live Professor, for instance, PAFL button 1 will select Vox insert chain 1, and now all of the faders/rotaries/buttons are controlling various parameters of inserts on vox chain 1. PAFL 2 changes focus to vox chain 2, and so forth.

    Where this gets squirrelly: if I’m going to go this route, I really need to also change the names of the rotary encoders depending on context/focus. I know I can change the name of each actual strip. Is there a way to do this with the rotaries? …and if not, I would absolutely put in a feature request for this!!!

    (Fwiw, I will also have a touch-screen nearby in order to access those controls, but it would be nice not to have to leave the console/have that option without it being confusing.)

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    I haven’t got the software in front of me, but one way might be to have some scenes heavily recall filtered to just the midi strips, that way you could use soft keys to recall different configurations etc…?


    Definitely, I’ll have scenes whose only job is just that: Heavily filtered for very specific console commands/look changes. However, I’ve searched every bit of the dLive editor and I don’t see an option for actually naming the “custom,” encoders for the midi strips. Am I blind or just overlooking it somewhere? …or does that not exist?


    We don’t currently support naming custom encoders. We’ve added it to our feature request list.


    Thanks so much! It’ll be super hard/confusing to use these things live otherwise. (Especially if you’re building contextual midi maps.)

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