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    Im using the custom ;layer as we do to maintain one layer surface on QU32
    However I have lost 6 channel strips. Fair enough!
    I thought ahhh.
    I’ll get just reprogram the system to get the ST1 2 and 3 maybe to come down the line.
    ahha na… cant do that. There is no provision to do that and besides, then I am getting away from the “one layer mind set”
    So I have ended up with 26 mic channels
    ahhh “analogue snake into ST1 & 2” (yes I said those words! ANALOGUE SNAKE)
    This is just ‘in case scenario’ for maybe keys or something…
    Can not phantom power ST1 & 2 . Damn!

    So I though ok for house music I’ll play my mac back through USB streaming into ST3. Easy as…
    ahha Na cant do that.
    There is no way of assigning output into USB B streaming
    Or have I missed something there?

    And to think people/punters.. event coordinators think we just turn up and …..

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    OUTPUT -> USB B is fine, assuming you aren’t also using the Qu Drive.

    Bottom of page 59 in the manual – most things are available for USB patching.

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    Dhak is asking for the opposite direction, feeding the ST channels from host via USB B to have all 32 mic channels available in parallel. But that obviously would require to stream 32+6 channels via USB.

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    “There is no way of assigning output into USB B streaming”

    That’s what threw me 😉

    I wonder if we could retain the “one input per channel” concept, but enhance the overall flexibility by having a “DSnake/USB inputs start at:” option – allowing a small DSnake to be used on the higher numbered channels (and over ST channels).

    Dsnake/USB would either be silent or disabled on the lowest channels preamps…

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    …or ST could be sourced from highest USB B streams in parallel to the channels, so, on the Qu32 for example, streams 31/32 would also feed ST3, if switched to USB…
    Phew, …global start offset…, not sure if I’d like that idea…

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    That would work as well. Is it only needed on the 32 (and the PAC)?

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    Thanks for chatting guys.
    Sometimes I feel so alone way down here in NZ
    The net helps.
    Any how the desk is what it is.
    I’m probably entering the a larger desk territory though.
    The QU32 is pretty amazing technology
    AND with a bit more tweaking is a leader in its class.

    I wouldn’t want a global offset either.
    However the ability (option) to get those (QU32) ST channels into the desk from AR and from the host would be nice even to loose the higher end channels?
    On a one layer surface even as a DAW control where you manually want to control say assignable groups but utilise the ST returns, …
    In my case I want to do some live sound as per my jpeg below.
    It will interesting to see what transpires in firmware 1.7 for the Qu-Pac

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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