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    Like everyone, we have been having a ton of problems in situations where we need Dante due to the discontinuation of the chips that have been used to manufacture Dante cards for various devices.

    With this in mind, I had a question…the Giga-ACE network is somewhat TCPIP/UDP compliant…and the waves cards are TCPIP/UDP compliant. Would it be possible to modify the firmware in one of them to transmit and receive AES67? this could provide us with a work around in systems were we currently have Dante or need it in the future, but have to install before the new cards are ready.

    scuttlebutt seems to be that Dante will not be readily available again until well into 2023 (because the chips don’t exist and everything has to change) and we need it badly.

    Just a question/thought.

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    another thought that a buddy had, software based Dante that can be licensed and implemented on the giga-ace ports…similar to what QSC has done with Qsys.

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    Please! Or on the general LAN port. This would solve one of the main issues plaguing the industry at the moment.

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    Please Please!!

    I am having to break the news to so many customers these days and no one is happy…. including my business. We need a way to create a work around for the shortage of chips in order to continue and not have to make other costly hardware workarounds or modified install schedules that double our work.

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    I am having similar issues I have plenty of clients that are ready to move forward but the chips are simply not available so my question is what is the workaround? What Aaron said about modifying the Giga-ACE to transmit and receive AES seems like it may something worth looking into

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    Nicola A&H

    gigaACE (as well as other A&H transport protocols) is a Layer 2 point-to-point connection. It is not TCP/UDP compliant and fundamentally different to an AES67 stream, not something we can simply change with a firmware update I’m afraid.

    We are obviously sorry about the ongoing shortage of Dante cards and keep working on supply chain and redesign options but at the moment I cannot comment on future availability.

    Jeff Hawley from our US team has recently published an article advising on Dante alternatives for different applications:

    Of course there are situations where connecting to third party Dante gear is paramount. Jeff’s Dante Via suggestion is worth looking into for low-channel count requirements where latency isn’t critical. And although expensive, MADI to Dante interfaces can be a valid option too.

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