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    Hi! I’m fresh to digital consoles other than a few years with an O1V a long time ago. After fast-changeover mixing 20 bands at a festival a fortnight ago (first gig with my new Qu series) I found myself dreaming of the amazing potential of these machines and literally imagining the A&H desk as I slept. As we eq and compress in the studio we increase a narrow bandwidth Q say 6dB and sweep for a precise location of the ugliest frequencies of the drum/voice/instrument seeking that honky or boomy unwanted characteristic. Then, leaving the narrow Q boosted freq in that place we then take the boost down and cut that freq maybe 1 to 3dB and widen the Q to maybe 3/4 of an octave. This is the process for even the world’s greatest engineers when they’re doing a job they actually care about. For the high pass, remove until you lose the important tone of the instrument and then come back a little to expose it just enough. For compression, watch the needle and adjust to hit 3dB at peaks (that could so easily be automated as a slow react algorithm). What if this processing could all be done in ‘cue’ mode while the band is playing their first song and after some very rough mix is established. Imagine what ‘cue’ means for a DJ… What if I could edit all of these parameters on a channel without effecting FOH and then once I’m happy release the ‘parameter cue’ button that then slowly applies these new settings to the channel over maybe 5 to 10 seconds to avoid wtf factor. Now THAT is a feature I could live with! As a work around I’ve been considering keeping channel 16 as a playspace and routing each channel to that to ‘cue’ in headphones before copying my edits back to the channel it applies to, leaving the playspace channel unassigned from FOH… but that’s a slow workflow and may sound a little sudden. I’m absolutely loving the new desk, buying that was the best decision I’ve made in a while! Won’t be long before I start looking at the SQ series. Thank you

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