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    I run sound at a local church and I’ve been having an extremely annoying problem for the past couple of weeks. Audio is bleeding from the click track on channel 12 to our “host” microphone on channel 19. the click comes from a laptop using a focusrite sapphire interface using balanced jack-xlr leads and the mic is sennheiser ew335 set connecteed with XLR cables. Both originally came down the same multi-core from the stage to the console but we have tested moving the mic to separate multi-core with new XLR cables which did not fix the problem. we have five mics that are the exact same sets but don’t have the problem. we do use wireless in ear sets but it isn’t interference from there because the problem persists when the transmitters are off. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening and suggestions of how to fix it?

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    Are there any monitor wedges on the stage at all? If so, make sure that the click track is not accidentally brought up in these, even slightly.

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    Are there any open FX sends or Mix sends originating from channel 12?
    Is channel 12 assigned to any group or matrix that is also shared by 19?
    Take a look at the global meter screen to seek out any signal/meter that should not be active.

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    Additional questions:
    When you solo (PAFL) channel 19, can you hear the click in headphones?
    When you pull down channel 12 fader, is the click still present in channel 19?

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    I’d first rule out the multicore and connect the laptop (and possibly mic) directly to the mixer on same channel(s). If this fixes your issue, I’d check if using a another multicore socket helps. If it does help, check for a broken cable. If switching multicore socket doesn’t help, try a different DI box (you hopefully do use a proper DI?). If you do not use a DI for the laptop, use a DI.
    If bleeding persists with mic and laptop directly connected to the mixer, then check the internal routings as described above.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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