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    Anyone knows if it is possible to duplicate input channels using same input source? As an example, Bass guitar would be plunged in on channel 1 then digitally split to fader 1 and 2 simultaneously. Fader 1 would be used for FOH main mix and fader 2 for in-ears or live stream. I would like to use different processing (eq or compression) on these channels. I was able to do this on X32 before.

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    Søren Steinmetz

    Just patch the IP to all the processing channels you need it to be on.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Vikser,

    In addition to Søren’s comment, once patched, you can either copy and paste input processing by whole channel or individual processing ‘blocks’, or use ganging to match some or all processing across the two channels. Then it’s just a case of routing each channel where you need it (and unassigning each from places they don’t need to go!).

    Something to note is that ‘gain’ controls the preamp at the socket, and ‘trim’ is part of the channel processing. Double patching an input socket to two input processing channels therefore means both will show the same gain value (as they’re looking at the same input socket), but will have independent trim.

    I notice you added ‘Tie Lines’ to the tags by the way – these are used for routing input sockets directly to output destinations, and so have nothing to do with input or mix processing channels. One way to think about this is that tie lines are like a patch cable (no EQ, no dynamics, no level, no mixing).


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    Can someone please walk me through how to duplicate a channel? I need to do this for a gig tonight, and I’m a novice on the sq 5
    Thanks in advance!

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    Super easy. The first example in this video will get you there. Make the Source Select in your duplicate match the original channel.

    SQ patching video

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