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    What had confused me and I was trying to establish was the AH documentation and videos frequently state MAC only not compatible with Windows. Yet, there appears to be a DAW Windows driver. What does it do what can it not do?

    Also yes I get it, you record and mix on the mixer adding what ever (mixer built in) plugins you choose and then stream (download) to the computer and record your tracks into what ever DAW you choose. Thereafter you cannot change the tracks with built in mixer plugins UNLESS you go back to the Mixer and redo the tracks using the mixer. You cannot use the computer to change the mixer plugins they are locked – hard coded as we would say.

    Its not like say waves audio plugins, where the mixer uses waves plugins and if you have them installed on the computer you can then change/alter/manipulate them thereafter from inside the DAW on the computer not having to go through the mixer itself. Also from the mixer you cannot communicate with the mixer plugins inside the DAW. I am not taking about any plugins you then add inside the DAW only the plugins the mixer has built in that you downloaded as part of the track.

    I hope that is clear?

    AS was stated before, the mixer cannot communicate with the DAW and the DAW cannot communicate with the mixer, they are two separate entities, except for maybe some simple control surface features? what features? I am not confused just a simple windows use trying to understand the limitations of the QU mixers for US windows users. I have 30 yrs IT server admin/development experience I know what is potentially possible if implemented correctly SUBJECT to protocols. If there is no common language there is no communication if there is then subject to scripts, anything is possible

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)

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