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    i seem to lose inputs 9-16 over USB when the CQ20B is added to an aggregate.
    the CQ20B works fine and as expected when not aggregated.

    it’s possible there is a setting on my mac that i have missed, however i figured i would bring it to light incase anyone else has a similar scenario

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Bryn,

    This isn’t something we’ve been able to reproduce, but there are not many settings involved so I don’t think you can go too far wrong.
    Could you please clarify what you mean by ‘lose inputs’ (CQ inputs being routed to the mac or mac outputs being routed to the CQ inputs?)
    Also – what device/s are you aggregating with?


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    Hi guys. Re aggregate
    Not specific to your issuebut I have used to CQ as a standalone interface ok as part of my new gear testing regime.

    I also have 2x Focusrite digi interfaces 8 channel and an 8 channel addon via optical in my Mac/Logic home studio setup.

    These devices work together in an aggregate setup mainly because you can switch around their clocking so they syncronise. You cant do this with my CQ20B and presume the same with other CQ devices. Im not saying this is you problem but I found that many channels did not work properly and realised its the clocking issue and quickly abandoned the task from previous experience and problems figuring out clocking, sample rates etc just to get my system working. My CQ is primarily for live band work and recording our sets for analysis and practice purposes.
    Hope this is useful info and sorry I cant give more detailed exploration results because as I said, I abandoned the aggregate inclusion very quickly.

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    thanks for taking the time to have a look Keith. the problem arrises when i set outputs from the DAW and switch the CQ20B channel inputs to USB. i get 1-8 coming through but no inputs for 9-16. however if i use the CQ20B non aggregated i get all 16.

    it’s not that big of an issue, i was just playing around with aggregating it with my roland tr8s drum machine as a convenience. (the tr8s is set to the same sample rate)
    when i get some more time i will mess around aggregating some other devices

    also thanks for the reply @bobbydazzler59 basically i am just tinkering around with it atm

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    (New to the forum – looks like a great place to ask this kind of question!)
    I recently added the CQ20B to my home studio and created the aggregate device in Logic Pro X pairing the CQ20B with a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8. The Audio/Midi Setup identifies all of the inputs and outputs, but the timing sync or latency doesn’t stay constant. I don’t know if there is a way to synchronize the clock controls of these two units? I’ve looked through the information I can find on the CQ20B, the Focusrite Control, and in Logic Pro X but have not yet found a solution. Thanks for any responses that could help. I use a Mac Mini M1 to run Logic and the connected interfaces / mixer.


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    Hi @larryk I too run Logic X pro with both Scrlett 18i8 and 18i20. As said in this thread, they work together after initial ptoblems but once I solved and stabilised to clocking/sample rates it runs fine. Adding my CQ20B ready for my live band rig to my arsenal, I did fiddle about attempting to integrate with my Logic home studio setup. No matter what I tried, i could not get these items to work together, one or the other would stop working as in no input/output, after an hour of trying, I gave up, so Im fairly positive that you cant add to the studio system/aggregate etc, it seemed to me its one or the other.

    The Focusrites were linked via both optical and word clock via the BNC connection by the way thi fucusrite say that this cant be guaranteed to function or be stable, its fine, coupled with an Octopre, I have 24 live input channels, was hoping the CQ would add on too but I dont think it can.

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