CQ18T with Quad Cortex (or other ext.fx) for Vocal Effect.

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    Hey, I’m wondering if it’s possible to route the mixer in a way that I could footstomp an effect on the Quad Cortex so that it goes to input 1.

    Perhaps it’s weirdly worded, but all I’m asking is is it possible to use external fx with the mixer?

    I’m thinking the Quad Cortex itself goes to a stereo linked input for a guitar sound, and perhaps doing some magic to send an fx with another input for vocals?

    Perhaps I’m being stupid about the QC, and it would be easier with just a normal pedal or something?

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    The CQ doesn’t support external inserts like some consoles do. This means you will need to route audio out of the board using one of the outputs sends, through your external processing, and then back into the board as a new input. Any audio routed back into the console this way will have a different total latency than the original audio. This generally isn’t going to be a problem unless you try to send both the original input signal, and the “second” rerouted input signal to the same output at the same time. This will cause phasing issues with those inputs and it will cause an audible change in the output.

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    It sounds like you’re looking to integrate external effects with your mixer and Quad Cortex setup, specifically for guitar and vocals. It’s definitely possible to route things in a way that suits your needs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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