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    Here’s what I’m “trying” to do. I have a CQ18T. I have Aux1 and Aux2 stereo linked. I have a splitter with to male mono ends, one plugged into Aux1 and Aux2.

    I then have a TRS cable plugged into the FEMALE end of the splitter. This (I would think) would send a stereo signal to my ROLL Headphone amp (which has it’s switch set to stereo).

    What I’d love to do is leave my vocal in the middle, pan my bud’s guitar to the left ear, piano to the right ear.

    I’m not sure if this is possible or not. Curious if others have done this.

    I would have thought that linking the two Aux’s together would give me this ability but it’s entirely possible (probable?) I don’t get it.

    Thanks for any input/advice/help

    p.s. please don’t tell me to “read the manual”. I have thx.

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    This should work, but will depend on how the cables are wired and the input connection of the headphone amp.

    Stereo linking the two outputs (as you’ve done) is correct, then you will need to ensure you don’t have any follow options on for that (now stereo) output.
    You will then be able to pan channels from the fader screen with the output selected from the ‘Sends to’ drop down, and the ‘Faders Only’ switch off.

    As for the cable and headphone amp connection, if it wants a standard stereo 6.35mm 1/4″ TRS input, then an ‘insert cable’ or 1x stereo jack to 2x mono jacks (with just tip and ring) will work.
    What you don’t want is a cable which takes the balanced output from the CQ (Tip positive, Ring negative, Sleeve ground) and puts that into a stereo input directly, or similarly something which takes a stereo output and connects it to a balanced mono input…

    Another thing to note is that with the CQ-18T, you have 2x headphone outputs and these can be sourced from the listen or any output. You could therefore set up your stereo mix, then send it straight to a headphone output without needing the cables or headphone amp.


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    Thanks for the reply. Close but still not working for panning. Here are some pics if you’re willing to offer more guidance.

    If I plug into Headphone A and it’s source is Main L/R I’m fine I can clearly get a stereo mix in my ears. Piano is panned hard left as a test and the reverb sounds completely different (stereo)

    Once I set the Headphone A source to OUT1 it seems like it’s all mono but both ears. It doesn’t honor any panning. Piano is center and reverb sounds diff (assuming mono)

    Maybe I’m missing the point on my end. I wanted to be able to control (in my monitor mix) where instruments were panned. Maybe it’s just not something I can do? Really wish I could as when I have stereo mixes…man everything is so much better for playing live.

    I’m certain I’m missing something in your instructions

    I’ve attached 3 images. On the off chance it would show something I’m missing


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    I figured it out. You gave me a flashlight and I found my way.

    Basically a couple things:

    1). I unlinked OUT1 and OUT2. That was my main mistake. Those two still need to be linked.
    2). Once I relinked them, I went to the processing tab for the piano and panned it hard left in there and it worked.

    Thanks through the process I learned more about it so that was good.

    Wish there was a way to send stereo without losing an extra AUX but I “kinda” get it.

    Still loving the mixer.

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