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    Thinking of buying a CQ model to use on my pedalboard for processing my vocal mic and guitar mic into my in-ears. At the very least, I’d love to be able to gain up and high-pass both channels prior to sending them to the FOH console. That said, can I turn 2 of the XLR outputs into direct outs with the CQ series?

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    I don’t believe you can do an actual “input direct out” as I believe these are all mix busses. However, you could send only one channel to the mix bus and set it pre-fader so it would act an awful lot like direct out. However, the signal you receive there would be post channel processing (EQ, compressor, etc) of the input.

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    Of course you can have a direct OUT but you need to use a PC and a VST host software.
    Routing the desire signal to another input of the CQ that is set to digital IN.
    Only drawback is a bit of latency but I am able to get below 10 ms easily.
    Check if it is usable with your pedal.

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