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    Sharing this with the group for informational purposes.

    My band got caught with our pants down at our last gig and since the release of the new Firmware 1.2.

    We all run IEMs on stage and use CQ4You to control our monitor mixes.
    Long story short, everyone’s devices auto-updated the CQ4You App to match the new FW but our desk was still on V1.13 so no one couuld connect. The app said it was incompatible and update the desk to V1.2

    Thankfully, the main CQ app still worked on the iPad so we could get after it that way and still run the desk remote. Otherwise we would have REALLY been hosed up.

    I don’t typially jump on every new firmware straight away. I like wait a bit and make sure it’s stable first. Been bitten by that more than once (I’m looking at you Line-6).

    I don’t like that Allen & Heath basically forces the issue since updated companion apps are not backwards compatible with older firmware.

    Other than that, I do love this desk. It’s an absolute brilliant product at an amazing price point and I do hope they continue to develop it further. And it does make sense why there may not be a way to make the companion Apps backwards compatible because it would need to match up with the new features of the desk wouldn’t it? This just caught us by surprise so wanted to make sure others are aware of what to expect.

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    D. Gauss

    I got burned by the exact same thing last week. NOT FUN.
    Furthermore, WHY isn’t the CQ4You App available for older operating systems? I have piles of old ipads, phones and tablets that i use to run my QU-Pac with (QU-4you app) with no problems. Pretty much none of these devices let me install CQ4You, rendering them useless for the intended purpose. Grrrrrr!

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    +1, same happened to us.

    Plus: using an IEM setup is pretty new to us, and I’m the designated nerd who convinced everyone to go IEM and now tries hard to keep everyone’s experience as positive as possible.
    This firmware snafu did NOT help acceptance.

    The firmware update was really great – but a pending update should NEVER break a production system!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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