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    I’ve been playing in 4 and 5 piece rock bands for years. I currently have a 16-channel Presonus StudioLive, but I want to reduce my footprint and get a rack mixer. I really like the CQ-20B so far. I’m very excited to be able to multitrack a show to an SD card (no external computer or hard drive needed, …does any other offering feature this ?). This product is so new, there aren’t a lot of YouTube vids about it like other products, so I find myself here.

    I have a question about the apps. First of all, the CQ4YOU seems rather worthless to me. All the members in my band have iPads and are used to seeing all of the channels when mixing their IEMs. Limiting that to only 4 level controls may make sense for an iPhone, ..but why limit it to 4 on the iPad ? It’s cool you can assign several channels to a control , …but again, why only 4 ?? Give us more, why limit it ?? But, that’s ok, there is the CQ-MixPad, ..it has everything. My bandmates can mix their IEMs using that. But, then I read the CQ-20B only allows 2 CQ-MixPads to connect simultaneously. Is this true ? If so, this may be a deal-breaker for me. Again, my whole band wants to tweak their IEM mix with all channels (or at least a lot more than 4). NOTE: I do like having a separate app for the aux mix, ..so a musician doesn’t accidentally tweak the FOH. I think some mixers allow you to lock users to just their aux mix.

    Second question, when multi-tracking, are the tracks written to the SD card before/after the channel processing ? Example, will I get the raw inputs, or will I also get the compressor, EQ, etc. Can you select which tracks to record ?

    For the AUX’s, can you use 2 aux for a stereo monitor mix ? Do the effect sends get routed to a fader control for your AUX (so the vocals have verb) ?

    I think that’s it. Anything I’m missing ?? Would appreciate your help. Thanks!!

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    I am in the same position as you – 4/5 piece rock band and when we have to do FOH, I have been the supplier of sound. I just purchased the CQ18-T (which is the same except for screen/inputs) – they do work the same as a replacement for XR18 that I’ve been using for the past 7 years. I just got the CQ18 last week and have set it up and tested it. Here are some of the answers:

    On the CQ4U app – I installed it on my iPad and the way it works is you assign an aux output channel first (only 1 at a time). Then you assign the input channels you want to control for that aux out so if you don’t care about a couple of channels, you don’t even put them on the assignment. There was no limit to the inputs you can run through your aux you just have to scroll to the right if you run out of room on your screen.
    To me, its the perfect tool for personal mixes. My bandmates used to use the mixing station app and I hated it because they would eventually do something unintended rather than just adjust the fader to the aux mix. This app locks them out of doing that.

    There are only 2 users that can use the full app and I think that is to keep latency and updates on the network as quick as possible. In my situation, I’ll be the only one doing the main stuff and they will just worry about their monitors or IEM mix.

    I believe the recording is PRE processing but I could be wrong. I believe you choose between track mode (all 16 – not sure if you can choose) or stereo out mix (L/R main out – which has processing).

    You can use 2 AUX mixes as stereo out however (and I tried this), you need to use the FX in inserted mode for the AUXes to get the effects. So if you want the aux to have effects, you go insert mode but then everything has those effects on it.

    I’m not sure how easy/hard it is to get a mix going for you but for me and the XR18 the new CQ has been a complete game changer for us. Its simplified everything and is going to save us at the very least 30-45 minutes of prep time. Just the auto gain and feedback features are crazy good. When I couple that with the pre-constructed EQ templates for the different types of inputs, it makes everything quicker. First gig for it will be end of the month so we’ll see if it does as well.

    I hope this helps. Anyone please correct anything I said that was incorrect.

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    Thanks so much for your reply !!

    So, just to be clear, on the CQ4You app, …you can have MORE than 4 volume controls on the main screen ? In demo mode, you can ONLY have 4, and this is extremely limiting. I realize you can add multiple inputs to a single volume control, ..but still, having only 4 volume controls isn’t enough for everyone in my band. Even the photos on the A&H site only show 4: https://www.allen-heath.com/hardware/cq/cq4you/

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    I get it now. You only have 4 volume controls, ..but you can still double tap on the volume controls to get to the individual channels. This might work fine.

    Thanks again for your help!!

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    Hi @scottoh, I’m a CQ20B user and I believe I can help with your questions.
    1. Regarding the 4 wheels on CQ4U, they are groups or busses. Like you mentioned above; if one wants they can simply double tap on 1 wheel and assign all channels to it and stay there rather than exiting back to the “busses” page. then one can tweak all channnels AND all FX returns to their heart’s desire. The wheels however are pretty nifty in my opinion for turning up or down a group of channels mid song in the heat of battle.
    2. Regarding multitracking to SD, One can choose anywhere in the signal chain they want to tap the channels for recording. I’ve found it really cool to multitrack rehearsals with everything tapped pre processing for the following reason: virtual sound checks. you can listen back and adjust every parameter then save the scene so your mix is even better the next time. Yes you can choose which channels will or wont be recorded.
    3. Yes you can stereo link outputs. Yes, each member in your band can assign any and all fX returns to their personal mix and they can decide how much or little they want to hear of each. This is done the same way as assigning channels to a wheel. When you double tap into a wheel and see the first page of channels available to assign, just scroll to the left to see the 4 Fx. Then of course just assign which ones you’d like to have control of. And one last clarification, fx do not have to be inserted in order to hear them in personal mixes.

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    Hey @G, thanks for responding. Those were all the answers I wanted to hear. I think I’m sold now.

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