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    Firmware version is 1.1.1
    Using this currently as a bit of an slightly overpowered external sound card. I have different sources from the computer and want to send back a mix of those to different locations (so a mix of my voice and music to those on discord and a mix of everything to headphones).

    I can sort of manage it but for some reason I can’t get anything from the PC to the mixer through what has labelled itself as ‘CQ 7&8 (BT)’. I’ve tried enable/disable Bluetooth, fiddling with various channels with no luck. CQ 1&2 (ST) and CQ 5&6 (USB) seem to be fine.

    Similar goes for audio from the mixer to the PC. CQ 1&2 (CQ12T) and CQ 3&4 (CQ12T) seem to receive audio from the mixer fine, but CQ 5&6 (CQ12T) doesnt’ seem to work no matter what I try.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Update – I figured out to get ‘CQ 7&8 (BT)’ working as an output from PC to input ‘BT’ on the mixer in Processing -> BT change the source to the USB icon.

    Just need to figure out the third output from mixer to PC input.

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    The schematic and info I posted on another thread may be helpful to you

    Thread here

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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