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    Hi Lorizon,
    what’s the point of all this conversation? This is a forum for users and not a commercial one. If you would like to purchase or import A&H products, ask A&H directly, as mentioned above. I don’t think that we forum members can give you an import license or something like that. So you are wasting your and our time with such requests in the forum. In any case, wish you good luck with your concerns elsewhere.

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    According to desertcart, I would pay 3680$US for a QU16 delivered to CR. That’s about double the amount Thomann charges (before duty).

    Importing a single product may need a lot of paper work. Someone has to do that and he will want to be payed for it. There may be heavy customs duties on that, too.

    So, costs of several hundred $ for importing a single product basing on WTO Rules are not so completely unusual. And someone wants to earn money with that, too. It gets cheaper when you ex/import within some treaty agreement, for example between EU Countries or between NAFTA Cointries and so on.

    Much of the paper war is the same if you import one or 10000 pieces even if the products differ a little (same duty class or such things). So a dealer who imports more frequently may be able to make a cheaper offer. But at the end of the day you cite nothing unrealistic.

    BTW forget about freight costs. They nearly don’t matter at all for such things.

    I just checked a few weeks ago: a 25 TEU (Twenty-Foot-Container-Unit) can be shipped from Singapore to Rotterdam harbour to harbour (which is some of the longest overseas delivery ranges on the planet) within 3-4 Weeks for about 4000$.

    Such a Container can contain up to 25 tons of Goods, that is the payload of a Standard big 44t Truck in the EU (US Trucks may have a little more payload, don’t know). A _lot_ of Mixers do fit in there. So per Mixer, that part of the costs nearly won’t matter at all. In Germany, transport from Hamburg Port to Munich does cost several times more than from Singapore to Hamburg Port.

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    This is a forum For A&H owners (have been instrumental in purchasing 4 SQs in various countries) and fans, hence a resource. Incidentally some knowledgeable A&H reps are present here which is I’m posting. Dont like it? Skip the thread and spare me the lecturing..

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    AH will point to their web link to purchase. You can work your way down each country to see if their distributor will do it and what they will charge you.

    AH has no dealer in costa rica so you will have to arrange to import from somewhere else.
    If the dealer does the heavy lifting to deal with customs and shipping then they will charge you for that effort.

    Maybe you should apply to be THE dealer for AH in costa rica.
    Then you can buy it from yourself at a discount:)

    You could buy one on ebay and pay for the fedex shipping fee to them for sending it to you , since it is used you might get a break on duty or they might even mark it as a gift to save you the expense.

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    Interesting, txs for the ideas..

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