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    I have a question about controlling the SQ5 via MIDI:
    We currently control our InEar Mixes on our SQ5 via WIFI router and SQ4You apps.

    Now we would also like to control the SQ5 via MIDI (also via the network socket).
    Does anyone have an idea whether and how this might work?
    Or to put it in other words: Is the SQ5 able to communicate with the SQ4You apps and MIDI in parallel via the network socket?

    Any help is welcome!

    Kind regards

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    Yes, up until you overload the rather underspecced SQ network stack. For instance, you can run Mixing Station and hook up a MIDI controller to it, but you can only run 2 instances of Mixing Station on an SQ. It might be possible to put multiple MIDI controllers on a single instance of Mixing Station, and also run some number of SQ4You.

    Another approach would be working through Companion, the open source series of apps built around the Streamdeck. There is a very full featured Companion plug-in for SQ.

    A third approach would be to use Bome MIDITranslator, perhaps with a BomeBox. Again, extensive SQ support.

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    Hello nottooloud,
    thank you very much for your reply. It sounds like you’re pretty deep into the subject.

    However, I haven’t yet understood how this can help me. Perhaps I haven’t explained enough about our setup. So here’s a more detailled description:
    We control our InEar Mixes with our SQ4You apps via the WIFI router, which is connected to the network socket of the SQ5.
    Then we have a laptop on stage running Cubase. We then want to use Cubase to mute/unmute channels in the SQ5 via MIDI.
    Cubase already sends audio data via Dante protocol to the Dante card of our SQ5.
    Because we want to have the router on stage and not by the SQ5, the Dante signals and the WIFI-Router signals share the same cable by using VLAN with 2 managed switches (this works pretty well and saves us a third network cable).

    Now I’m not yet sure how to get the data from the SQ4You apps and the MIDI commands from Cubase to be merged so that they end up on a network cable in the SQ5. Maybe the network switches can be helpfull somehow?

    BTW: I already saw this A&H MIDI controller which allows to transmit MIDI via TCP/IP. But even if I connect Cubase with this controller I don’t understand how to mix this MIDI signals with the signals from the router containing the SQ4You app control data.

    Hope that my explanations weren’t too confusing. At the moment, I can’t really reconcile your solution approaches with my problem. But maybe that’s because I don’t really know Mixing Station, StreamDeck or BomeBox.

    Cheers Bernd

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    You didn’t mention Cubase, so I assumed you wanted to use a hardware controller for your mutes.

    You should be able to do this directly from Cubase. Allen & Heath MIDI Control is a program that can make virtual MIDI ports on your Cubase computer. Then the SQ-MIDI-Protocol document will tell you what commands are needed.

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