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    I am posting this on the suggestion of A&H customer support. I asked;

    “I would like to use my SQ5 during musical zoom meetings where a colleague can control my SQ5 over the internet (balancing instruments etc). I would like him to use mixpad to connect to my machine. Can you point me in the right direction? I can use VPN and\or static ip addresses. I am happy to research actual settings/ports etc but any pointers would be appreciated”.

    Their reply was:We don’t test SQ MixPad for this so we don’t officially support it. It should be possible and using a VLAN is a good idea.
    In terms of ports: Discovery: 51320
    Server-side: 51326
    UDP Port Numbers start: 51324

    Has anyone achieved this and if so what is my best way forward?


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    Toying with an idea, and if I am incorrect than someone else with more experience can chime in.. But if you can control the SQ-5 with a computer, than I would assume your colleague could use a screen sharing service and control the mix that way?

    Apologies for lack of tech know how. But I hope someone with more experience can fill in the gaps of what I am talking about.

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    I tried with OpenVPN (both Windows and Android). Mixer is not discovered, but I can connect with manually specifying the IP address. Unfortunately, only the initial connection works, then no update is received and the app disconnects.

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    It would be very cool to be able to do this, just like how the Presonus Metro system works…

    Feature Request?

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