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    Has anyone managed to control presonus studio one for the qu16?

    I think I’ve set everything correctly.

    I’ve used mackie hui protocol, which presonus suggest.

    I’m running the A&H daw control app.

    Any slider in the primary layer on qu16 moves channel 7 in the DAW

    Any suggestions?


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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Martin,

    The DAW Control app is designed to use the MIDI strips for controlling a DAW. Have you set up the MIDI strips in the Custom Layer?

    If you get any conflict with the Input channel faders or Master strips, try disabling the Qu MIDI port in Studio One (leave only the DAW Control virtual ports enabled).

    Hope this helps.

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    I’ve been trying to make this work too but with mixed success. Any chance a step by step Nicola, pretty please;)

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    Haven’t tried again – step by step for dummies would really help 🙂

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    Larch Audio

    Also interested in this step by step as a new qu-24 owner. First pass didn’t work with lots of weird lights on the console and nothing controlled on screen.

    Set DAW control app for 1/2 and au-24 for send/receive. In S1V2, did the same (au-24 for send/receive)
    to no avail).

    Any specific tips appreciated for both the DAW software and S1V2 MIDI device set up.

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    Hey all,

    I am looking into buying a QU32 and one thing I just found out is that this beautiful console is only compatible with Mac for DAW control. The link points toward A&H whitepaper on midi mapping and control –

    Since I am a Studio One Win7 user, this desk will not help with DAW mixing control. I am hoping that this will be remedied as there is no way I will switch to a Mac.

    Correct me if I’m wrong please, because I will buy this desk tomorrow if the DAW support is functional on Win7 Studio One 2.6.

    *Custom build MSI, Intel i7 6 core, 32G Ram, Firewire 800, USB 3, SATA3 SSD x6, Win7 Ultimate 64

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    Windows drivers were introduced in the previous firmware release.

    Don’t be so hard on Macs though. Great machines. I do both. Been recording and mixing with Pro Tools on Macs since mid 90’s. Macs since 80’s. Windows for business. They each have their strengths and weaknesses.

    Also. Depending on where you are QU32 not shipping till mid to late Aug but you can pre order one and get in line. Hundreds already ordered. I ordered one yesterday.

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    Right on GC! I will get on the ball.

    Didn’t mean to sound hard on Macs. I started out editing on Post Pros in the early nineties, moved to Mac and Pro Tools in the mid nineties and gave up Mac for everything as soon as Windows stabilized. Mac’s are pretty machines with a rock solid OS, however, the stigma that a well built Windows machine cannot exceed a Power Mac today with regards to the creative community (i.e. Photography, Video Post, Audio Editing, etc), is completely false. Windows for business, Mac’s for creativity is an outdated adage. I’ve had many good years on Mac machines, and and some frustrating ones on Windows. And today, I will take the Pepsi challenge with any Mac using my Pro Tools, Nuendo or Studio One DAW’s. Although, I still prefer to record and mix on an API console with a Studer A800 or an Otari MM1200 attached. 🙂

    Thank you very much for the updated information. I certainly appreciate it.

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    Sounds great. If you don’t already have a source I could handle the order for you. Not a shameless plug here but it is what I do :). I am an AH dealer.

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    Over the years many things have been Windows only, so it is refreshing to have the DAW control Mac only, though of course they have ported it over now.

    But pd, notice that “powerMac” is the old architecture with Motorola chips. Macs have been Intel for years, and PowerMacs are obsolete, though I have four that would still work if they could run modern stuff…

    Profile photo of pd

    Thanks GC! No shame in selling pro audio gear. I do have my sources for buying, and made the phone call this morning. QU32 on order, let the waiting period begin! I appreciate the forum and thank you for allowing me to slide in. Cheers!

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    Mikey B

    I’m looking for DAW control (Sonar) on a Windows 8 PC for my Qu32… Lou, can you explain (link) what you mean by “course they have ported it over now”…. Is there a way to do this? Even a beta version?

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