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    I am new to the qu series and am using the qu-16. Is there any way to control multiple outputs (mixes) with one fader?

    I’m working with a theater production in a multi-channel environment where the speakers are more or less evenly distributed, with no explicit main mix. And I’ve noticed that it’s quite cumbersome to change the output volume of a (let’s say) microphone for each mix (output). I can do this with the gain knob, but I’m wondering if there’s a smart solution that lets me control the output levels for multiple mix outputs on a channel with one fader.

    Thanks a lot

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    DCA will do the job. You will need to use the “custom” layer in order to access the DCA fader on the Qu-16.

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    DCAs answer your question.
    You would assign the AUX masters to a DCA and control the masters with 1 fader.
    Then, to get individual control per mic channel:

    • In your speaker AUX mixes set the mic Channel(s) to Post fader
    • in each AUX mix, set the Mic fader(s) to e.g. 0 dB
    • once set the AUX master levels
    • now use the Mic fader in the Main Mix to control the sends to all the AUXes where this channel is set to post fader.

    And the DCA fader to control the output masters.

    Hope this helps, or sorry if I misunderstood your question.

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    Thanks for all the helpful answers … still not easy for me to perform because of the complexity of the console. But while I was trying to help myself, I got help from the house engineer. I told him about your answers, and they gave him some ideas. Since he was not so familiar with DCA’s, he came up with another solution that was sufficient for me. I’ll try to explain, but since I’m a total noob with the console, it might not be correct, but you get the idea of how it was solved….

    6 speakers receive signals from mix 5-10, no other output is involved.

    Similar to Tom‘s answer, the engineer set all channels to post-fader and did a few other things (…mystery…) without using DCA’s. The result is this,
    • when pressing the LR (master strip) button, I can control the volume of each of the 16 inputs according to the settings in their respective mixes with one fader. The master fader has no function in the LR setting.

    • When pressing the various Mix buttons (Mix 5-10), I can control any of the inputs to feed the respective output (Mix). The master fader controls the overall volume of the respective mix here.

    I hope this clears things up a bit…
    Thank you

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    Mike C

    Your last post describes just how the mixer operates.

    Your initial question sounded like you wanted to control the master output levels
    of multiple mixes with just one fader.
    The DCA suggestion would do just that, as mentioned the QU16 surface does not have dedicated DCA faders so they need to be added to the custom layer strip to access them.

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