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    It would be great if the mic pres constantly streamed so that you could bring the audio into a DAW, use effects e.g. Amp sim, waves plugins, fab filter plugins, etc. Then bring the output from the DAW back into the exact same channel (Rear USB streaming). To do this at the moment I would have to use 2 channels! When you set a channel to USB input, the mic pre stops streaming audio.

    This would exponentially make this desk a powerful tool. I would then be able to use plugins live! instead of just post.
    Thanks for your time.

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    I had this feature on my last desk, Mackie Onyx 1640i. You could stream all 16 channels via Firewire to a Mac or PC into a DAW and stream back into the desk and use the DAW’s plugins on FOH. Never used this feature myself as I couldn’t find a laptop that had dual firewire ports.


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    Feature suggestion: Can make the insert have a selectable function over USB! Do for us please!

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    What? I thought this was a feature for the QU series… Big disappointment as I’m looking into a QU32 thinking that I could do live recordings with simultaneous USB channel returns. Guess You’d have to first record and then stream back. But this differs from what I’ve read in the manuals. Can you confirm that this is not a feature?

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    No, it’s not.

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    Channels can either have analogue OR USB input, not both.

    The streaming supports a decent channel count, but each channel is either a send or a return.

    So yes, to run a DAW as an insert requires two channels (or an alternative ADC input to the DAW.

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    Surely latency would be an issue here?
    I have not actually tried this with a QU.
    I did do this with my GSR [and an ZED-R16] with Reaper DAW [Mac Book Pro] in a live scenario but latency issues however I could add excellent effects like this.

    However the QU is the choice of desks for most applications know.
    What is that desk in you pic Trolo? I cant make that out? Just curious.

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    If you aren’t processing too many channels, you can go back into a Qu with the stereo channels.

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