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    Hello ! i am trying to record the audio from the QU-32. Could anybody advise which output is best to feed to the video camera? I’m assuming its either the AES Out or Alt Out or 2TRK out – but i’m not sure ! Maybe i could just use one of the mixes just fed to the camera? any suggestions would be very welcomed – Thank you!

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    A Matrix is usually my first choice followed by an Aux. POST fade on the Aux and all faders at 0db to start, then minor adjustments to set the “differences” between that mix and the main mix.

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    Audio being sent to a video camera will be analogue not digital (AES)
    Therefore any of the line level ourputs you have spare will be good. Be sure to set the Camera INPUTS to line or youll be +40db hot and distort .
    Main outs / groups out / bus out, Aux out all fine but be sure that where you feed it from dfollows the mix as you require!
    Monitor end of chain Iie camera)

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    Don’t know if this will help, but when I was video recording my daughters YT singing videos. I recorded her vocal to a DAW using Q32 then added the music and vocals to the video using a video editor. My camera didn’t have XLR connection. My next one will. Hope this helps.


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    Mike C

    What make and model camera are you planning to use. If it has XLR inputs set them to line level first and then we can determine the best output to use in your case.
    If you camera only has a mini 3.5mm TRS jack there’s a little more involved to
    make it work right.

    Scott’s suggestions are good and there are a dozen variations from there if you want to customize it.

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    Hi Stupaak! Quick Question. what video editing software did you use?


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    Hello ABE My video editor of choice is Final Cut Pro X. It only runs on Macs

    Have a great day

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