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    Hello guys. I’m a QU-16 user. I want to ask you for something that I’m trying to do for a long time but unfortunately I can’t find a solution. I want to connect my outboard compressor and EQ to my mixer for sessions of mixing process and mastering. Actually I’m using mix 9-10 to send out the audio signal to my outboard gears and return the audio signal from my outboard gears to channels line 13-14 of my mixer. The problem is that the return signal is affected on the whole signal in the moment that l’m sending the signal to 1 stereo channel. My question is, exsists any way in my case to hear the signal of the only channel that I’m sending to my outboard gears without affecting the entire mix? Thank you in advance…

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    Not sure what the real problem is you are describing.

    Why not send out two mono signals compress them then return two monos and send them to your stereo pair?
    Or better, just use the built in compressor that the Qu has available.

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    Mike C

    You description is a little hard to follow.

    I take it that you want to use an outboard EQ and comp just one input channel?
    Do you want the EQ and comp to be connected in series/one feeding into the other
    or do you want then to be used in parallel to each other?

    If I’m correct in what you want to do you need to first un-assign any channel or channels
    that you want to send to the outboard EQ and comp from the main mix.
    – Connect the Eq input to one of the mix 9 10 outputs
    – Connect the EQ out or comp out if going with them in series to the L/M input on a ST1 or ST2, that way you don’t use up one or mixers mic channel inputs.
    – ST1 or ST2 will be the processed return input channel for the outboard EQ and Comp.
    – DO NOT bring up mix 9 10 on the ST channel that you are using, to be safe un-assign
    that channel from mix 9 10.
    – Set mix 9 10 to post fader
    – Bring up the mix 9 10 send level on the channel or channels you want to send to the EQ and comp.

    If you want to put the outboard comp and EQ on the entire mix we can do that to.

    What make and model of EQ and Comp do you have?

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    Definitely the problem is poorly stated.
    But that is a common occurrence here and other fora too.

    Why he does not just use the compressors in the Qu is very unclear.
    Using the Qu for mastering is more so. But many people are confused about mastering.

    And where he wants to hear that one signal at is also confusing.

    Hopefully he will return with a better description of what he is doing, the signal flow, and what he really needs to do.

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