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    how to connect 2 qu 16 as one digital mixing console?

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    You can’t connect them as a single mixer as far as I know.

    You can make one mixer a submixer of the other and feed LR from it into a stereo pair on the master. But you would also need to dedicate channels on the main mixer for each separate monitor send you might need from the submixer I guess. It is not ideal but maybe you can sacrifice say 6 channels on the main mixer (LR + 4 sends say) and still have 26/28 channels to work with.

    Or buy a QU 32?
    Any other ideas anyone?

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    Qu can’t slave clocks, so you can’t pair them

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    Clocks don’t need to be slaved for it to work, I’ve connected multiple boards together many times.
    It won’t work as one mixer but the output of one can be patched into the other for one master control of levels.
    Usually inserting the the main output of one into a sub mix or channel of the other, the stereo inputs for example.
    Even the monitors can be included if patched correctly into that aux.

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    Clocks have to be slaved to make a ‘single digital mixer’

    Sub mixer is the way to go – or buying/renting a big enough desk..

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