Connecting to building network causes noise after connecting QU APP to mixer.

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    Mike C

    Brand new installation with a QU16 at a local church, mixer and system is working fine…except!
    On the fist time out I’m there to operate, assist and then train on the system.
    I go in to fire the system up, do a little sound check and be ready to go. I didn’t notice at first in all the confusion but there was a distorted undertone that modulates with the program audio, in this case just piano and a wireless vocal mic..

    Since I had been there last they finished the stage lighting system, video system and the mixer was now on the building’s network and the rooms access point. (during the set up and installation testing process I had the mixer connected to my own router)

    So I shutdown the all the video equipment and lighting system, still have the same noise, just for the sake of it I re scan the wireless mic, same thing on a new frequency.

    I then pull the network cable from the mixer, noise is gone!!! Run out to the van grab my router, connect it and everything works perfect.

    Sound check never really happened but the opening service went fine.

    Afterwards I’m working on the problem and find that just connecting the network cable to the mixer
    does not in itself cause the noise it’s only when you open up the QU Pad APP on the iPad and connect the
    APP to the mixer does the problem show up, as soon as you log out of the APP the noise is gone. Does
    not make any difference what function mode you have the app in.

    Go back to my router no issues at all.

    I connected to both the access points 2.5 and 5g channels and get the same issue.

    When connected through the access point I have no problem controlling the mixer operation.

    For those still following along, setting the mixer to a static IC or using DHCP has no affect on the noise issue.

    The mixer is also connected to a AB168 stage box located back stage.

    Has any one ever ran into this or something like it before?

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    Look for bent pins in the lan sockets on the church’s router?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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