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    I have recently change from a ZED 60-10fx to a Qu16. I want to produce demo MP3s using Audacity on my Laptop (Windows 10). I have loaded the recommended software and can hear audio using Audacity. However I am not able to add my vocals to my backing tracks the way I did with the ZED60. As I Am a newbie to digital the steps to solve my problem need to be simple. This is the only aspect of the change I can not solve, I am delighted with what the Qu16 can do for me. I hope one of you can help. These are the steps done so far: 1) USB B cable connecting Qu16 and laptop. 2) Software downloaded. 3) Audacity setting set. 4) Backing track imported to Audacity plays through speakers (LR). I hope the steps already taken help.

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    Victor Kennedy

    I’ve never used Audacity for multi-tracking, but in any DAW you just need to select the Input Channel on your recording track in the DAW software to match the Output you are using on the Q16…ie: the one with the Mic plugged to it.

    If you have a Mic in Chanel 1 of the Q16, go to the Track/Channel within Audacity for where you want to record the vocal. Arm the track for Record Read, make sure you have a level…off you go. Record the vocal…

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    I use audacity at times but not like this.
    Really think you might do better on the audacity forum if the issue is not Qu16.
    AFAIK audacity cannot playback and record at the same time; at least not on the old XP version I had used.

    Do tell us more the entire work flow and signal flows you are trying to use.
    How did you used to add your vocals?
    Where did you add them from?
    Where were they recorded to.
    What are you trying to do with the Qu?

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    Mike C

    I kind of depends on what your wanting to take out of the board to

    Coming from the ZED 60fx you only had two channels of audio out from the mixer into
    In the IO set up menu under the USB tab you can select what channel or mix source is assigned to the track outputs.
    By default inputs 1 to 16 are assigned to tracks 1 to 16 with 17 & 18 assigned to
    the stereo LR mix.

    Are you using the board LR to play Audacity back trough?

    Are you wanting to use the mixers internal processing and FX on your

    If you are not using the mixer to play Audacity back through try assigning L R to USB tracks 1 & 2.
    That will take you main mix output with any processing on your vocal channel into Audacity.
    If your are using the mixers main L R outs for Audacity playback that would be looping
    Audacity back into itself.
    There are ways to work around that if that is the case.

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