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    Hi All
    I have always ran my QU16 with a copper multicore cable.A friend has offered to loan me an AR2412 box with a (I`m sure he said) Cat5 cable for a show I have coming up.My query is what do I need to alter on the QU16 to make this work and how do I connect it all up.Is it as simpleas plugging it in and altering the outputs on the board?
    I`m a relative newbie to the digital world guys so be easy with me.

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    Mike C

    Connect the AR2412 to the DSnake connection.
    Go into the IO set up menu, D snake inputs and check that main inputs across the top
    row (channels 1 to 16) are patched to mixer inputs (left side vertical row) channels
    1 to 16.

    Hit the apply button.

    In any channel pre amp menu hit the source button and select channels 1 to 16 to be the D Snake (yellow)

    That will get you channels 1 to 16 from the stage box to be on channels 1 to 16 at the mixer.

    A few things to keep in mind that maybe helpful….

    You can mix and match local mixer inputs and stage box inputs, for instance channels
    1 to 14 could come from the stage box and 15 and 16 from local mixer inputs.

    With the stage patching you can assign a stage box mic input to a stereo channel input
    to squeeze a couple more mic input channels out of the mixer.

    Input patching and routing is saved as part of a scene, so you could have stage box channels 1 to 16 set up and patched and the stage wired for the main act and then set up and patch 17 to 24 to appear on mixer channels 1 to 8 for an opening act.
    Save each set up as a scene and recall as needed.

    Don’t forget the outputs on the stage box, patch as needed in the set up menu under D snake outputs.

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    Hi Mike – thanks a million for all that info.I`ll give it a shot this weekend.

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